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Kathy Clements

Travel Consultant

It would be simple to say that after 30+ years in the travel industry I specialize in everything and everywhere; however, I especially love planning travel to Europe – particularly France, Italy, and Ireland. My first trip to Europe was through my alma mater, the University of Illinois, and the Free University of West Berlin. I spent 10 glorious weeks traveling through 13 European countries.

One of my favorite travel memories was attending a cooking class with six other American women in France, taught by none other than Julia Child. I was so fortunate to be taking a cooking class in France, let alone be taught how to make puff pastry and soufflés by Julia Child! Thankfully, I was in a monthly cooking class with friends where we met up to make fabulous lunches prior, or it could have been a potentially embarrassing situation. I believe that is why part of my travel often involves food. I also enjoy taking in the art, architecture, and people.

I cherish all of my past European travels as well as trips to Bali, India, and Africa. I am eager to finally visit South America, especially Argentina and Chile.

Certain travel moments remind you of how small the world is and how connected we truly are: I recently visited a mosaic studio inside the Vatican walls and observed a man working tirelessly to create a beautiful work of art. To my surprise, he had a Cubs logo displayed on his bulletin board!

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