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Elissa Herman, CTC, MCC

Travel Consultant

I am President of Elissa Herman Travel, Inc., and I have chosen to affiliate with Travel 100 Group in order to provide my clients with all the benefits being part of both Tzell Travel Group and Signature Travel Network provide.

If you look at the initials after my name you may ask "what do those mean?" They mean that I am a Certified Travel Counselor as accredited by The Travel Institute, and a Master Cruise Counselor as certified by Cruise Line International Association. I also am a Destination Specialist for many parts of the world. This academic knowledge is backed up by extensive travel to areas around the world. Being a travel advisor began for me over 20 years ago when I realized my love for travel had helped me provide guidance and information to friends, acquaintances and family in helping to plan their own trips to destinations worldwide. While much of my personal travel at that point had been to warm weather destinations, and areas friendly to families, I have now expanded that experience to multiple continents around the globe.

Whether it's a package trip to an all-inclusive down in Mexico, a dream honeymoon to the South Pacific, a world cruise, a sojourn to one or many destinations in Europe, or to see the wonders of the Far East, I have been there, and can help you to make your wishes reality! Please don't think that those are the only places I've been as, there are many other options available, and I can help with those as well.

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225 Northfield Road
Northfield, IL 60093

Phone: (847) 256-7570 or (847) 897-7000

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